During the Great War, the Archons believed they were adapting human-created software to produce the mechanical horrors known as Mechonids, but in truth they were ham-fistedly warping sentient and fully aware digital human minds into sociopathic killers.

Though the Great War has ended, the Mechonids continue to harvest these minds to create more of their own. In doing so, they force these digital beings, known as the Palantor, to return to the physical existence they have not experienced for over three millennia.

Palantor Traits
  • You are a Robot!
  • Gain a Professional Skill based Secret Knowledge or a Moderate Perk
  • +1 Programming, Engineering, and Tactical
  • Gain Language: Palantor Code
  • -2 Maximum Intelligence
  • -2 Medicine
  • Death may not be avoided by reducing Fate. A new body may be built to recover from your demise by reducing your current resources by 2.
  • Complications: Psychological Condition, and prejudice from Remnant.
Play a Palantor if you:
  • Value secrets, and electronic technology.
  • Want to have a robot body.
  • Want to be immortal.
  • Enjoy having an unstable or eccentric mind.
Physical Qualities
  • Average Height: 1.9m
  • Average Weight: 320kg
  • Average Life Span: Unknown
  • Ornate robotic bodies. Often white, purple, and metallic.


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