The Mission


The crisis of the Chthonia‘s passage through the Habrixis Sector, close to Haven, also created a difficult quandary for the nomadic Twi-Far, who had discovered it. Some Twi-Far had viewed the fleet’s arrival in Haven as a chance to set roots, and even among those who wished to stay migrant, anchoring the fleet to a single vessel of which no one had control over seemed far too risky.

Despite months of negotiations from the other races, and numerous sessions of ritualised debate and expressions through art, it was only in the last moments that the Twi-Far made their decision: much as the other races had done, to keep the the human relic from being used for war by belligerents such as the Oni and to ensure the Twi-Far survived, they would split their society in two. The Roost would stay in Haven, but the Mission would cluster around Chthonia as a second fleet.

In truth, the Mission is only a quarter of the vessels which made up the original Roost. It is an odd conglomeration of ships patched together around the Chthonia. These ships sometimes extend their airlock tubes to other ships, and to the Chthonia, creating a complex web of interconnected tubes and shafts running across the breadth of the flotilla. The sight of the beautifully decorated Twi-Far fleet functioning as a hive while smaller ships float about with monofilament sails unfurled is reminiscent of terrestrial insect hives. The Mission extends out from the midsection of Chthonia, reaching almost longingly toward the beauty of the luminous aura of Celeste.

The Mission helps supply fresh food and organic air filtration to the Chthonia through gardens and arboretums maintained on its larger starliners. This has helped matters in the wider colony until the safety of Chthonia’s artificial forest, and potential farmland, can be ascertained.

The Mission

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