The Court of Directors

To simultaneously exploit the untold opportunities presented by the Chthonia while mitigating the risks of divesting all connection to the central markets of Haven, Corporate presence aboard the Chthonia is officially logged with Haven’s Board of Directors as the Governor and Company of Corporates of Haven trading aboard the Chthonia as a joint-stock company.

While the majority share-holders are aboard the Chthonia, some stock-holders instead opted to send only representatives who, in the event of the Chthonia’s return or establishment of communication across the cosmos, are contractually obligated to maintain flawless ledgers and to pass the contract and responsibilities down to their descendants. Some corporates used this to send away troublesome offspring or exile unwanted rivals, though some have genuine hope for a return on investment.

The “Corporate Chthonian Company” have taken it upon themselves to govern the colony. Just like with the Board of Directors, the ten most profitable business entities (reviewed quarterly) sit upon the Court of Directors (named to avoid trademark infringement) and manage various sub-committees. These ten then report to a Governor, who is slated to be voted upon at each annual shareholders’ meeting but who is also defacto assumed to be the majority shareholder.

Most of the rest the colony so far resist this non-representational form of government, but until an alternative can be agreed upon, the CCC and the Court have taken the reigns.

The Court of Directors

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