The Chthonia


The Chthonia (literally “earthbound”) from bow to stern, is approximately 50 kilometers long. Surrounding the ship is the Twi-Far splinter fleet, The Mission.

The hull is divided into three major sections:

  • The aft section of the ship is a massive hemispherical structure 10 kilometers in diameter. The dome begins a long, central shaft through the aft and midsection of the ship that rotates to create an artificial gravity. Beneath the dome is a sphere containing a living ocean layer that contains edible fish. Around the ocean layer are ring structures which rotate on their own axis and seem to be somehow related to ship propulsion. The rest of the central shaft houses an artificial sky and what seems to be residential human ruins overrun by thick jungle.
  • The midsection is composed of layered platforms encircling the central shaft: these platforms contain landing bays, weapon mounts, and open storage space that have been re-purposed to house most of the colony until the central shaft can be properly explored. These platforms also contain hardpoints to which the large fins flanking the ship periodically clamp onto, presumably to recharge, or during jump travel.
  • The foremost section of the ship is a long “sword” mostly encrusted in a glowing crystalline structure the colonists have named Celeste. Evidence of gun emplacements and other forms of energy weaponry can be seen trapped in crystal, and it is suspected that the ship’s primary command systems are contained in this part of the ship, but only the Chthonia’s automated robots, the Keepers, can enter without triggering a response from the ship’s overzealous and devastating security systems.


The Chthonia

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