Nephilim: a junk-word term used to describe the diverse descendants of X’ion’s genetically engineered army. Created to wage war on the Archons and their creations, before being abandoned by their creator, X’ion, once the war was won.

The Nephilim have an eclectic, primal, and often violent society supported by advanced biological technology. While publicly no longer loyal to X’ion, many Nephilim pursue genetic perfection at any cost.

Nephilim Traits
  • +1 Bio Tech, Engineering, and Exotic
  • +1 to all Spare Time Rolls
  • +1 Recover
  • Gain Language: High X’ion or Primal X’ion
  • -1 Conversation
  • -2 Culture
  • Complication: Prejudice from Kaltorans and Legion
Play a Nephilim if you:
  • Value innate ability and science over all else.
  • Are motivated by intellect and instinct.
  • Like to defy presumptions.
  • Possibly want to look like a monster.
  • Believe the ends always justify the means.
  • Don’t mind modifying your body and genetics.
Physical Qualities
  • Average Height: 1 – 2.5m
  • Average Weight: 50 – 290kg
  • Average Life Span: 20 – 300 (est.) years.
  • Wide range of appearances.
  • Often have features of mammals, fish, and/or insects.
Additional Notes
  • Purebloods are ancient Nephilim who fought in the Great War or are pure blood descendants of those that did. Often large and imposing, they are a living reminder of their people’s past service to their creator, X’ion.
  • Hybrids are the diverse and mixed offspring of the Purebloods. Diverse in appearance and nature, Hybrids make up the bulk of the Nephilim population.
  • Emissaries are the newest of the Nephilim. Created only a few years ago, they are born fully grown, with a head full of knowledge and memories that are not their own. With the aim of alleviating cultural tension with the other races, they are bred with a physical form closer to those of their former enemies. However, their Nephilim form is not hidden, only softened.


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