Mysteries of the Chthonia

Because the Chthonia is constructed of ancient human technology, which even the Archons barely understood, very little of it makes sense to the colonists.

The Propulsion Rings

Surrounding the ocean sphere are immense rings that rotate counter to the spin of the central shaft and that can angle independently of the ship and each other. It is speculated that these produce the thrust required for jump and non-jump travel. The outermost ring seems to be missing many sections on its skeletal frame.

Human Ruins

Located within the central shaft. Currently a quarantine zone until physical and biological hazards can be determined clear. Initial scans and scouting missions show the remains of ancient structures and a thriving bioscape.

Deflector Fins

Tethered to the ship by trails of ethereal energy, these fins flank the ship and, as learned in an early Legion attack on the Chthonia, respond to aggression by interposing between the aggressor and the ship, thus augmenting shield defense. It seems that there were once five such fins, but only two remain — the upper fin and the heavily-damaged starboard fin.


A mysterious, glowing crystal that engulfs the forward bow. Gives most of the Chthonia a gentle heavenly blue aura.

The Keepers

The keepers are spider-like robot drones so far found only on Chthonia. They are completely docile and harmless, and appear to exist for no other reason than to maintain Chthonia and its systems.

Very little is known about keepers. Attempts to capture a keeper or take it into custody for study will cause it to undergo a sudden “self-destruct,” with a form of acid released internally that rapidly melts the whole construct (and severely damages those nearby). Total disintegration of a keeper happens in less than a minute, preventing any serious research.

Due to the fact the keepers persist in destroying themselves when interfered with, they are nearly impossible to scan or study. It has become illegal to interfere with the keepers on penalty of imprisonment. There always seem to be a constant number of keepers. No one has discovered the source of new keepers, but so far, all evidence point to them being created somewhere deep in the inaccessible forward section of the Chthonia.

They do not seem to run on, nor respond to, Palantor or Mechanoid code.

Mysteries of the Chthonia

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