Fragged Empire: Into the Silence

It is over 10,000 years into the future. Humanity is long dead; they numbered the stars in full to discover one startling truth – in the universe, they would only discover silence. Humanity was truly alone among the stars. Perhaps in response to this, they created the Archons, their inheritors, before disappearing fully.

You are one of many genetically engineered descendants. Created by the eugenicist Archons or the vengeful monster X’ion, you are what is left of humanity’s desire to see a universe filled with diverse life. You are also what little is left, that you know, after the genocidal war that ravaged the known galaxy. X’ion, the culmination of Archon science, killed his makers – your makers – and then abandoned his army to vanish, like humanity, without a trace.

This event threw your galaxy into 100 years of brutal tribalism. After those 100 years, your people have just re-entered space. Without the infrastructure of the Archon’s empire, you are faced with the unknown and only a partial understanding of the universe.

Corporation, Kaltoran, Legion, Nephilim. Palantor, Remnant, Twi-Far, and Zhou. Your surviving races have banded together — not out of common direction, but out of necessity. No one knows where this new society is headed, but only that you need each other.

Into the Silence will follow the brave thousands who have chosen to leave Haven to take custodianship of the Chthonia, an ancient, enigmatic, and immense human vessel discovered by the Twi-Far on their journeys. Too great a mystery, it cannot be made to stay in Haven. Too dangerous a weapon, it cannot be allowed to fall into the hands of Haven’s enemies. Those now aboard will be forced to create their own self-sustaining society, separate from Haven and capable of defending itself, as the Chthonia follows its own course on what some speculate to be a return to its point of origin – the coreworlds of the human race.

Into the Silence

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